covid-19 information

How things have been changed for your safety.

Current symptoms

NHS (older variants) 

  • High fever, (37.8 or above)
  • new, continuous cough
  • altered or loss of taste or smell
ZOE app (omicron variant)
  • runny/ stuffy nose
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • sneezing
  • sore throat

If you have any of these symptoms I can not offer treatment, please follow GP or government advice on testing and or isolation (information as of 22-12-21 subject to change) 



Every appointment, you will be sent a covid screening form. please ensure to read through, fill and sign up to 48 hours before your appointment. 

The questions are important to help you and I identify any eary symptoms, avoid any possible transmission and access healthcare at early stages.

If either you or I are unfortunate to be diagnosed with covid shortly after therapy, contact detail can be passed on to reduce further spread.

In addition I complete the lateral flow tests on a twice weekly basis. I check my own temperature on the morning of treatment days. 

Masks and Vaccines

It is advised for clients of close contact work (healthcare/ hairdressers/ salons) to be wearing masks, covering nose and mouth.

If you are exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons please contact me to discuss (no proof will be asked for) 

I will not ask you for your vaccination status unless government guidelines require it.

However, it is currently advised to wait 48 hours for massage treatment, after a vaccine as a precaution 

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Electronic Forms

while electronic forms, PDF’s and digital paperwork has been around for a while, It has become more important during the out-brake. It helps to reduce the amount of shared contact of passing paper to each other and captures signatures without worrying about sharing pens. the greatest advantage is by reducing the time taken asking questions of your health at the time of your appointment.

New clients will be required to complete a COVID questionnaire and a medical history form. return clients will be required to complete a COVID form for every appointment.

Protective Clothing

Current guidance requires me to ware what is considered full PPE for non-infectious situations. It allows me to continue to offer treatment while keeping myself, you and following clients safer by creating a barrier to potential transmission. I have found the best gloves through trial and error to provide un-noticeable feel with protection while maintaining the same perception of texture changes of the soft tissues.

For the foreseeable future I will be wearing apron. gloves, mask and visor. Clients will be required to wear a mask (please contact me if you are exempt before booking)

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Keeping extra clean

Between each client all laundry is washed at 60 degrees, non-reusable items binned and stored outside till safely collected. All surfaces and equipment used is cleaned with detergent and sprayed with disinfectant to create a 2 step clean. A window is open throughout treatment and cleaning time to provide ventilation. If you have allergies to specific cleaning products please contact to discuss and alternatives may be sought.

Depending on schedule, treatments times may include up to 15 minutes cleaning time

Still in it together

Some really helpful links if you’re feeling overwhelmed, whether covid related or not. Remember I’m here to listen as much as massage.
If you are suffering affects of post covid, there is a new app…/ViewLocalService.aspx…

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