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Who we are

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Your personal information

As part of our initial and ongoing assessments for sports massage treatment, we will ask for specific information about you and your medical history. We understand the concerns that you may have about sharing your personal information; this page tells you about the data we collect, why we collect it, how it’s used and who it might be shared with.

What information we will ask for?

Before your initial assessment, you will be asked for:

  • Your name and address to help us identify your records. We will add this to every document we hold for you.
  • The name of your GP.
  • An emergency contact for you.
  • Details of your medical history from which we can ensure that massage therapy is appropriate for you.
  • In your own words, any conditions of pain you’re currently experiencing.

We will:

  • assess and record your range of movement.
  • Agree with you a massage strategy plan and note it.
  • For subsequent massages, record changes over time.
  • Record any advice we give you.
  • Record any action we recommend including any referral to your GP.

This assessment forms part of your client record. We will ask you to sign your assessment forms to give us permission to work on you.

Why do you keep my Client Records?

Your personal details, assessment forms and client record all form part of your treatment history. Keepin these gives us a record of massage therapies we’ve performed for you, helps us review your progress and helps plan further treatments.

How long do we keep your information?

We store your records for at least 8 years (or for children under 12, until their 25th birthday). After this time, records are destroyed either by confidential shredding or by wiping any computer hard-drives before disposal.

Also as massage therapists, we hold professional liability insurance that requires we keep records of treatments we undertake.

You have the right to request to see any information we hold for you